Toys From Home

Toys From Home

Posted on February 20, 2020

Dear Families,


We have been having issues with toys (this includes Pokemon cards), electronics, and money coming to school. These items can become a major distraction to the learning environment. We discourage students bringing toys or money to school because items can get lost, missing, given away, broken or stolen.  We understand that some kids have long bus rides to and from school.  If a student decides to bring items with them for the bus, those items must stay in their backpack. If these toys or electronics come out during school time, then the student’s teacher will take it from them until the end of the day. If it continues, the teacher will give the items to the office and parents will need to come and get them. Please understand that the school does not have time to investigate missing personal items or broken toys. 


There are some special events like show and tell or class earned celebrations that teachers may allow or encourage certain items brought to school. Students will follow their teacher’s directions on these special days. Items can be brought and then placed back in their backpack or given to the teacher until the end of the day.


Thank you,

Oceanlake Elementary School Staff