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Good Attendance

Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves. It’s never too late to begin building this habit. Going to school on time, every day is important and good attendance will help your child do well in high school, college, and beyond.

The Power of Showing Up

Dear Families;

Consistent school attendance is critical to student achievement. Did you know that when a child misses ten percent of school they are far less likely to meet grade level goals in reading, writing and math? Ten percent doesn’t seem like a lot – it’s less than two days per month – but it makes a big difference at school. Poor attendance is directly related to school drop-out. We know you have high hopes for your child and we do too. Together, we can set them on the right course.

We need your child here every day. When we are all here our school family is complete. You received a magnet of non-school days for this school year at registration. Please consult this list when scheduling doctor appointments, family visits and vacations. If there are issues that are preventing your child from coming to school (childcare, illness, family conflict), PLEASE tell us. Tell your child’s teacher or another staff member you trust. We may have resources that can help. We cannot help, if we don’t know. Use the magnet to track how many absences your child has had. Simply mark an X for each day your child has missed. Remember 9 or less is best!

Improved attendance is a top priority at Oceanlake Elementary. Our staff are engaging in new efforts and interventions to make sure our students are here every day. We hope you do not feel like we are nagging. We will however be persistent. We hope you will work with us to ensure your child’s success!

GO Tigers!


The Teachers and Staff of Oceanlake Elementary