Oceanlake Elementary

2420 NE 22nd Street, Lincoln City, OR 97367 541-994-5296 Dr. Mary Pitcher, Principal 

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year at Oceanlake Elementary! Our goal at Oceanlake Elementary is to give your child the best education possible, while still having fun and being safe. In an effort to add to the safety of children while at Oceanlake Elementary, the following guidelines will be implemented and followed by our staff: 

One day transportation changes that differ from your student’s permanent schedule needs to be received by the office before 11:00 am. Examples of these changes would be to change your student to being a parent pick up instead of riding the bus, this does not include bus changes. Any bus changes are only accepted as a permanent change and may take up to a week to process.

This can be done by: 

  • sending a written and signed note with your child to school 
  • emailing a note to the school at (when using this method, please make sure you get a response back from the office that it was received)

The school doors open at 7:40. Breakfast will begin at 7:40 AM. School begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 2:45 PM. On Wednesdays school will end at 1:30 PM. Teachers start daily instruction at 8:00 AM. Having your child to school on time every day gives them the full benefit of their education instruction as well as teaching them about punctuality and responsibility. If your child arrives after 8:00 AM, please have them check-in at the office before going to their classroom. Our teachers use the full school day for instruction, teaching right up until dismissal time at 2:45 PM (1:30 PM Wednesdays).

If picking up your child prior to dismissal, they will need to be picked up by 2:15 PM (1:00 PM Wednesdays). 

At Oceanlake Elementary we welcome parents to volunteer in our classrooms to assist teachers and students, chaperone field trips, and share in their child’s learning. We ask for all staff and volunteers to complete a background check, as well as complete an online Safe Schools Training Program prior to working with students. In order to maximize student learning and provide minimal disruptions, please make arrangements with your child’s classroom teacher at least 24 hours in advance. Upon arrival, please remember to sign in at the office to receive a Volunteer’s Badge and make sure it is visible to students and staff while in the building. 

Electronics/Toys: Students who choose to bring electronics/toys to school do so at their own risk. Phones or other electronic devices used during the school day will be turned into the office and will need to be picked up by a parent or guardian. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged toys, electronic devices (including cell phones and handheld devices), or other types of games. We will not investigate the loss or damage of toys or electronics that come to school. We strongly urge you to keep these items at home. 

Transportation: Please understand that school rules also apply to any type of bus transportation. Students are expected to act respectfully on the bus. School consequences may occur if bus privileges are abused. 

Dress Code: Students will go outside on most days and play in the gym. It is recommended that students wear sneakers or other sturdy shoes (no flip flops) and have a jacket or coat. Please label jackets/sweaters with your child’s name.